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East Boca Dental Implant & Specialty Care also offers Sedation Dentistry which provides a sedation dentist that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your check-ups or dental treatments. Our goal is to make you as calm and relaxed as you would be at a spa. Sedation dentistry is used to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for people receiving dental treatment. It helps patients who are too afraid to go to the dentist’s office receive the dental care they need while avoiding dental phobia and anxiety.

It is estimated that up to 25% of people are so afraid of a dentist that they only go to the dentist when it is absolutely necessary. This may lead to serious problems on your dental health as well as keep you from having a better smile. Our Boca Raton Dental Office offers sedation dentistry for patients to relieve them of any dental fear and make procedures virtually painless and stress-free. Our staff can provide you with several options which will make your dental office visits more comfortable, relaxing and even pleasant! It will help put you at ease, eliminating any pain that is associated with dental treatment.

There's so much dentistry can do these days to make your mouth healthier and your smile more beautiful. Yet many people don't take advantage of this because of a long-standing fear of dental treatment. If you are one of these people, rest assured that it's possible to have an experience that's free of anxiety and pain. This can be accomplished by giving you Oral Sedation Medication or Laughing Gas that can help you relax . Sometimes both are needed to ensure maximum comfort, especially if you are someone for whom the injections that deliver local anesthetics are themselves a major source of anxiety.

When you are afraid of dental treatment, your guard goes up and your pain threshold goes down; anticipating that something will hurt can make you hypersensitive to every sensation — even sound. If this describes your experience in the dental chair, then you might benefit from Sedation Dentistry that can make that anxiety melt away.

Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Oral Sedation — Oral sedation is a popular option for many people because it does not require the use of needles. A variety of oral sedative and anxiolytic (anxiety-dissolving) medications have been developed through extensive research and testing to make your experience of dental treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible. All have long safety records after decades of use, and several even have “amnesic” properties, meaning you will remember little to nothing, even though you are partially conscious throughout the treatment.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Sedation — Nitrous oxide, or Laughing Gas has been used in dental offices for nearly 100 years. It is inhaled through a nasal hood, a small cup that is placed over your nose. The oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide provides a light-headed or even euphoric feeling. It is very safe and wears off in minutes.

IV Conscious Sedation — These are more potent than when taken orally, and the amnesic effects may be more profound. IV sedation has an almost immediate effect on the body — There is also higher level of training required to administer it. As with all sedation (except nitrous oxide), you must be monitored with specialized equipment throughout your IV sedation treatment. The main advantage is that drugs administered this way work immediately and the level of sedation can be adjusted more quickly and easily. And with most sedatives, you may not remember a thing about your dental procedure after the sedative wears off.

Please call our Boca Raton Sedation Dental Office to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about sedation dentistry, and find out which sedation dentistry method may be right for you.

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